Africans React to Obama’s victory

Joyful scenes like this:

Are tempered with sentiments like this, found in a letter to the editor of The Guardian (Nigeria)

What has happened in United States of America is in total contrast to what continues to happen in Africa and Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world.

The Black world still represents a place where political opportunities are not open to all; where godfatherism in politics thrives; where the people’s votes do not count; where ethnicity still defines the trends in politics; where there is no transparency and accountability in government, and where anyone who calls and crusades for change, is seen as an enemy of the State rather than a patriot…

If we must be like America, we must begin to make sacrifices for our country by putting aside mundane considerations like friendships, tribal ties, consanguinal relationships, financial inducements, and at all times be ready to fight for social justice, equality of all parts of the country, accountability and transparency in government and most importantly, free and fair elections. At the end, we may be able to say like the Americans “Yes We Can!”

I don’t think this is unique to Africa. Around the world the Obama victory is forcing people to take a hard look at their own societies. And that includes those of us in the United States.