Americans Rather Like The United Nations

American like the United Nations–and there is data to prove it.

A new poll from a bi-partisan polling team shows that nearly three quarters of likely American voters surveyed believe that the United Nations is still relevant and needed today. These voters overwhelmingly believe that the United States should work with the United Nations to solve common problems.

The survey released this week is the latest of an ongoing series of polls conducted by the bi-partisan team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates on behalf of the Better World Campaign.  As you can see from the data below, the relevance of the United Nations to American voters is at an all time high. 


Why are Americans suddenly more supportive of the United Nations? The answer probably has to do with the ebola outbreak in West Africa. According to the poll, 92% of likely American voters believe that the United Nations has an important role to play in stopping the ebola outbreak in west Africa. The poll also found that voters are supportive of the WHO’s effort to stop the outbreak, and that Americans want the United States to work with the United Nations to help contain the outbreak.

Here’s the full polling data. It’s a bit of UN-day present from the American public to the United Nations.

October 2014 Poll Executive Summary