Beep beep

At the HTC, Richard Baseil is currently comparing the group’s solutions search to Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Full disclosure, it’s my favorite cartoon (though I do love the weirdness of the Smurfs, Dad).

Baseil, who led my breakout group yesterday and is generally a very personable guy, notes that Coyote, carnivorous vulgaris, had a multitude of possible solutions — earthquake pills, a rocket-powered sled…just a plain rocket, jet engine roller skates, etc. — and even the support of a major supplier, Acme (one of the many reasons I love Wikipedia). However, he had major operational issues. He had the technology but no good way to implement that technology.

The message, just like Kathy Calvin’s yesterday, is that the products alone are not enough. You’ve got to have usable standards, have plans for operations, administration, and maintenance, and be driven by an economic implementation plan. This has been a rucurring theme here, and I think a message to the engineers in the room.

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