Blog Roundup #108

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Air America Radio notes renewed calls for Guantanamo’s closure.

CJR Daily discusses the “Elephant in the Newsroom” known as Guantanamo: “A quick Lexis-Nexis search for “Guantanamo” proves just how inadequate newspapers have been to the task of telling this story. Nearly every article that appears is a breaking news story about a new hunger strike, a court battle over forced feeding, or an organization like the UN voicing concern about the detainees.”

Coalition for Darfur links to an AP piece describing “thousands of civilian deaths” documented in Darfur.

Joshua Landis writes: “The new UN investigation into Rafiq Al Hariri’s murder is expected to indict Syrian leaders.”

Paper Chase says that “UN rights experts call on Egypt to preserve independent judiciary.”