Blog Roundup #19

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

LEFT COASTER: “Perhaps we know now why the White House is fighting so furiously to prevent the Senate Intelligence Committee from getting all of the documents wanted by committee Democrats to evaluate the fitness of John Bolton to be our UN ambassador. According to Wednesday’s New York Times previewed in the International Herald Tribune, it has been leaked by administration sources that what the White House is refusing to release to the committee are reports that Bolton obtained from the NSA by way of a special request.”

CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS: “Condoleezza Rice revealed in a speech yesterday that a consortium of nations, including the US, stopped nuclear material from reaching Iran as well as other rogue nations over the last nine months. The participating nations of the Proliferation Security Initiative have quietly cooperated on eleven interdictions during that time, at least one of those directly involving Teheran… UPDATE: Who was the man who made the diplomatic arrangements to get over 60 nations involved in PSI? Why … none other than that hardass meanie, John Bolton. Go figure.”