Blog Roundup #72

A sampling of United Nations related blog commentary

Stories in America: “Millions of children “invisible”: UNICEF – “Millions of the world’s neediest children are not even a blip on the radar of their own governments because there is no record of their birth, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund UNICEF said on Wednesday.”

Becks & Posh: “Perhaps you have noticed by now that Food Bloggers all over the world have pulled together to raise money for Unicef’s efforts to help out Earthquake-stricken area of India and Pakistan. Here at Becks & Posh there are three prize packages up for grabs. We hope, that by tempting people with the opportunity to win the gifts our kind sponsors have generously donated, the people who enjoy our food blog will make a donation to Unicef.”

Blony: “It may well be that the time has come for Iraqis to take over arranging their own future. The threads that may intertwine Iraqis in the near term: A fresh start at a constitution with U.N. assistance * UN forces to secure borders * Trusted brokers (probably UN) to mediate differences.” American Future: “Every time Iran’s president opens his mouth, he increases the chances that the Security Council will authorize actions to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability and, if the Security Council fails to act or its sanctions aren’t enforced (remember Iraq?), his foul words provide a justification for Israel to take matters into its own hands. Iran simply cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Period. As quoted in the Washington Post, Ahmadinejad on Wednesday called the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II a “myth.” … UPDATE: From Reuters: Russia’s Foreign Ministry said: “We consider attempts to revise generally known historical facts about the Second World War, including those facts connected with the Holocaust, as unacceptable. Speculation on these topics runs counter to the Charter of the United Nations and the views of the international community.”

Democracy Arsenal: “Speaking of defense manpower, here are two hopeful items from West Point: a new project called “Beyond War” and news that the West Point Model United Nations team has finished its most successful year in team history–taking first place at every conference in 2005.”

Moorish Girl: “Survivors of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Pakistan last October were burning books to stay warm. As many as 10,000 books were destroyed before the army intervened. Related: Unicef distributes winter clothing to survivors. You can donate money here.”

Syria Comment: “Here is an excellent article by Mark Goldberg about John Bolton’s role at the UN and his struggle with Condoleezza Rice. I gave a bit of an assist on some of the “Qadhafi Deal” information. Mark has been researching this story for some time. Hats off to him.”