#CelebrateRights With the United Nations

December 10, 194b is the day that Universal Declaration of Human Rights entered into force.  Every year, December 10 is commemorated as Human Rights Day. This year, the UN system did something a bit different. Following on the heels of a successful social media town hall with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, the office of the High Commissioner for human rights held its own massive social media events. People from around the world submitted questions via Facebook, Weibo, and Twitter to High Commissioner Navi Pillay who responded in a video chat. The topics ranged from the execution of Troy Davis here in the United States to LGBT rights in Africa to the Arab spring.  I will post the full video as soon as they upload it (it was a live chat held this morning).

In the meantime, our friends at the United Nations Association of the United States pulled together this nifty timeline of the UN’s involvement in global human rights.