dadaab, credit UNHCR

Dadaab Refugee Camp to Stay Open

The Kenyan high court has declared plans to close the world’s largest refugee camp and send more than 300,000 refugees to war-torn Somalia as “unlawful.” The court found that Joseph Nkaissery, Kenya’s interior cabinet minister, acted beyond his powers in ordering the closure of Dadaab, the world’s biggest refugee camp. The judge, John Mativo, found that the decision to close the camp violated both refugee’s rights and international conventions. (Humanosphere


Mosquitoes love malaria…Scientists may have figured out part of the reason why mosquitoes are drawn to people infected with malaria. Mosquitoes prefer biting people already sickened by malaria, apparently attracted by some kind of odor. Now, Swedish researchers say they’ve identified a substance pumped out by malaria parasites that triggers that smell, noticeable only to mosquitoes. (AP


Fake news…Wikipedia editors have voted to ban the use of articles from British tabloid The Daily Mail and its globally popular website as sources, calling them “unreliable”, according to a statement. (AP


New evidence of systematic sexual violence committed against Rohingya people in Myanmar (Global Dispatches Podcast