Episode 16: Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles

Save the Children is one of the largest international aid and relief organizations in the world. I speak with CEO Carolyn Miles about her unconventional path to relief work, which included studying animal behavior, a stint selling credit cards in Asia and opening a boutique coffee chain in Hong Kong.

We kick off with a discussion of Save the Children’s report on unsafe motherhood worldwide and the challenges that relief organizations face when multiple disasters strike at the same time.  Have a listen now or download it to iTunes.



This is the official relaunch of the podcast. Every Monday, I will post a longer interview, like this one, with a notable personality in global affairs. Every Thursday, I will post a shorter interview with an expert that is focused on a specific topic, theme, idea or issue percolating in the news.  Upcoming this Thursday is a conversation with Brookings expert Tanvi Madan about the foreign policy implications of India’s elections.

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