Episode 69: Kakenya Ntaiya

When Kakenya Ntaiya was a teenager in her small Kenyan village, she made a deal with her father. She would undergo a public circumcision ceremony if he let her stay in school.

25 years later, Ntaiya holds advanced degrees from universities in the USA and is a public champion for girls’ education and an advocate against female genital mutilation. In this episode you will hear the amazing story of how a woman who was born into poverty in a Massai village defied what was traditionally expected of her in pursuit of an education. She now runs a highly regarded school for girls in her home town and is a respected international leader for girls’ education. She’s received accolades for her work, including being nominated as a CNN hero a couple of years ago. Her TED talk is great.

Her stories are deeply personal. But the lessons we can all draw from them are universal.

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