GA Endorses New Oversight Chief, Ban To Japan for 60th Anniversery of Atomic Bombings, Helen Clark to meet Lula

USG OIOS: today the GA endorsed the SG’s appointment of Carman Lapointe-Young (Canada) as USG of OIOS.  Though approved without a vote, Egypt and Cuba expressed their disappointment that the selection was not from a developing country.  Ambassador Rice’s statement on her nomination is available here.  Ms. Lapointe-Young will begin her 5-year non-renewable term September 13, which will run through September 12, 2015.  She is currently the director of the Office of Audit and Oversight at IFAD in Rome and formerly Auditor General at the World Bank (2004-2009).

SG Travels: the SG is off to Japan next week to attend the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima (becoming the first SG to do so) and visit Nagasaki, hoping his visit will attract attention on the need to achieve nuclear disarmament.

UNDP/Clark: today Clark begins a 2-day visit to Brazil, where she will meet President Lula and sign a strategic partnership framework between UNDP and the Brazilian Government regarding South-South Cooperation initiatives and action for MDG achievement.