Global Dispatches Episode 1:
Heather Hurlburt

I’ve got a new podcast! I’m calling it Global Dispatches. Here’s my plan: when you boil down to it, there are only a relatively small  number of people in the world who either make foreign policy, or shape how we think about global affairs more broadly. I want to interview them all.

My goal with this podcast series is to help you and I — foreign policy consumers — get to know these influencers a little bit better. What experiences shaped their world view at a formative age? How did some of the big events of the past 25 years like the end of Cold War; the Balkans crisis; 9-11; Iraq war; Obama’s election, etc, challenge some of their assumptions about how the world works. And, in the course of talking about these big issues and their careers, I’ll weave in discussion of current foreign policy challenges.

That’s the idea, anyway!

Episode 1 kicks off with Executive Director of the National Security Network Heather Hurlburt. She discuses why Syria is a such a vexing dillemma for Obama; how different generations of policy hands drew separate lessons from the Iraq War; why Russian studies ought be back in vogue; and how the Boston Red Sox shaped her worldview.

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