Alaa Salah, a Sudanese student, standing on a car in the 2018–19 Sudanese protests. The image went viral as a symbol of the protests. Fair use/Wikimedia Commons

How International Diplomacy Failed to Stop Sudan’s Slide to Civil War

In the ten year history of this podcast, it is rare to have episodes on the same topic in back to back weeks. But the unfolding crisis in Sudan is such an important topic that it demands attention.

Last week, I spoke with civil society activist Hala al Karib, who was trapped in her house in Khartoum as fighting erupted. She very  much offered an informed local perspective on what was happening around her. Today, we are taking a global perspective on Sudan’s burgeoning civil war with Cameron Hudson. He’s a senior associate in the Africa Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a long time Sudan policy hand in Washington DC.

We kick off discussing why this conflict erupted when it did. We then spend a good deal of time discussing how and why this incipient civil war is very much an international affair, including a discussion of the diplomatic failures that lead to this moment.

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