HRC and BKM on Sri Lanka

The UN Human Rights Council is set to hold a special session on Sri Lanka next Monday. While that may not reassure critics of the institution, I think it’s a good sign that the Council is engaged.  The more focus on the humanitarian disaster — and its possible escalation — in Sri Lanka, the better. This is what worries me:

Sri Lanka has said it needs to keep people inside the camps long enough to weed out potential Tiger infiltrators, and the United Nations has since said the camps meet international standards aside from the limited freedom of movement.

“Aside from the limited freedom movement” is a rather scary caveat, particularly when the Sri Lankan government is insisting it will be able to resettle the 250,000-plus displaced civilians in just six months. Combined with an ambiguous “weeding-out” program, this could spell danger.

Ban Ki-moon will be in the country tomorrow, and he better make sure that humanitarians and human rights activists have good access to make sure nothing goes wrong in the camps.