If environmental NGOs wrote the Climate Treaty…

This is what it would look like.    The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, IndyACT – the League of Independent Activists, Germanwatch, David Suzuki Foundation, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and “expert individuals from around the world” contributed to the report. 

I’m glad these NGOs offered this up.  It presents something of an idealized form of a climate change treaty that observers can weigh against the actual outcome document.  Some highlights include:

* The annual global carbon budget in 2020 from all sources of greenhouse gases (not counting those controlled by the Montréal Protocol) would be no higher than 36.1 Gt CO2e, bringing emissions down to roughly1990 levels and would need to be reduced to 7.2 Gt CO2e in 2050, in other words by 80 % below 1990 levels.

* A design proposal for a new institution – the Copenhagen Climate Facility – to manage the processes for emissions cuts, adaptation and forest protection under the new global treaty.

* A recipe for long-term action plans for both developed countries (Zero Carbon Action Plans, ZCAPs) and developing countries (Low Carbon Action Plans, LCAPs).

* Binding targets for Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) like Singapore, South Korea and Saudi Arabia in line with the Convention principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities.

 Check out the whole thing, in all 160 pages of legal text glory.