I’m Sure Mom Likes Stale Chocolates…

…but wouldn’t she really prefer to save a life in Africa this Mother’s Day?

Both UNICEF and the Nothing But Nets offer some pretty compelling ways to send love in your mother’s name this Sunday. Trust me, she’ll be proud. 

  • UNICEF’s Mother-Baby-Pack comes stocked with drugs and simple instructions to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission. Over 2 million children worldwide are infected with HIV — 90 percent of whom were infected at birth.  If you love your mother less than $88 worth, UNICEF also has other options.
  • Or, nothing could be simpler than sending a net and saving a life through Nothing But Nets for $10.  That small donation will produce, send, and install a life-saving insecticide-treated bed net to Africa, where it will help keep possibly an entire family from contracting malaria. Now that’s bang for your buck.

And, no, this is not like donating to the Human Fund.