Lamb Has A Cow

At WorldNetDaily, Henry Lamb fumes about the United Nations’ encroachment on American sovereignty. Predictably for diatribes of this nature, Lamb targets Kyoto and the Law of the Seas — two international treaties, incidentally, to which the United States has yet to accede. But until now, never have I seen the anti-UN crowd take offense to the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Animal Identification System for American livestock and poultry. The appropriately named writer hyperventilates, “What rarely makes the headlines are the incessant efforts to expand global rule through endless treaties, agreements, commissions and agencies… The National Animal Identification System now being developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture also originated in the international community. The influence of the U.N. on domestic policy goes far beyond the headlines. This insidious force is sucking the sovereignty from our nation with the support of Congress and most Americans – who fail to see the danger.”

As I see it, the only real danger here is that ideologues writing for WorldNetDaily might scuttle efforts to keep Americans safe from mad cow.