Lanny Davis VS the World

In case you missed it,  here is the American lobbyist Lanny Davis trying to defend his client, Laurent Gbagbo on CNN.  Things get a bit testy when the interviewer asks if Davis will stand behind his pledge to drop Gbagbo as a client should evidence emerge of human rights abuses.  Via Justin Elliot.

For the record:  Here is a Human Rights Watch report which says that security forces associated with Laurent Gbagbo are abducting and “disappearing” his rival’s supporters.  Here is an Amnesty International saying the same thing.   Here is an Associated Press report about how masked gunmen are blocking the UN from accessing a suspected mass grave.  Here is the deputy United Nations high commissioner for human rights saying supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo have used “excessive force,” torture and extrajudicial killings.    Here is a top Gbagbo lieutenant and leader of a militant youth group threatening a rival. Here is Gbagbo telling the United Nations to leave.  Here is a video showing pro-Gbagbo forces attacking UN peacekeepers.

But show me the evidence of human rights abuses!

I do give Lanny Davis credit for one thing, though.   He has finally brought some much needed western media attention to the crisis.

UPDATE: Lanny Davis drops Gbagbo as a client. He Cites the fact that a decision was made in “Abijan” to refuse a call from President Obama to Gbagbo.