Linked Up: Human Rights, Climate Envoy, and Shiftas/Pirates/Terrorists

Neil Hicks of Human Rights First argues quite rationally in The Huffington Post why U.S. participation in the UN Human Rights Council is the only way to positively affect universal human rights norms.

WaPo has a very favorable profile — might it be a “beat sweetener?” — of U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern, whose job it will be to help formulate, and then convince Congress to accede to, a new emissions reductions pact.

Need a new name for pirates? How about “shiftas,” a kind of north east African version of brutal Robin Hood-esque bandits? I, for one, kind of wish people would stop turning to the 19th century for solutions to a 21st century problem.

WSJ columnist Daniel Henninger, on the other hand, thinks that, instead of considering pirates terrorists, we should consider terrorists as pirates — and then shoot them.  Hezbollah, North Korea, Hugo Chavez — Henninger’s list of baddies goes predictably on and on…