Linked Up: Stimuluses, Ignoring Missiles, Dead Aid, and POTATO

A different sort of “don’t go it alone” plea from economist Mark Thoma — let’s just say that other countries should be as stimulating as the United States.

B.R. Myers — who researches “North Korean ideology and propaganda” for a living — says the best way that the United States can react to a North Korean missile launch would be to not react at all.

Mike Gerson takes serious issue with the contention of Dambisa Moyo, whose book, Dead Aid, has found supporters in Congress, that all aid to Africa should be cut off within five years. Gerson’s not the only one skeptical of Moyo’s methodology and conclusion.

Former National Security Council staffer Mark Medish proposes that instead of turning NATO into a group of “modern Knights Templar prepared to defend a ‘league of democracies,'” what the group needs is a “radical re-branding,” starting, naturally with a new name — POTATO.