Linked Up: Top 100, an A-, and (hopefully) Bayefsky’s last rant

The National Security Network has compiled an impressive list of Barack Obama’s top 100 foreign policy achievements in his first 100 days in office. We at UN Dispatch are particularly partial to #56.

UN expert Stephen Schlesinger zeroes in on the smaller foreign policy universe of Obama’s interactions with the United Nations and, citing accomplishments like paying back peacekeeping debt, restoring funding to UNFPA, and pushing to ratify important nuclear non-proliferation treaties, gives the Prez a solid A-.

And, the indefatigably antiUN Anne Bayefsky has a nearly 2000-word anti-Durban screed (I know, the topic is surprising, huh?) in Forbes. Her attempts to capture the history of the conference seem to be growing ever more desperate and more personal, such that she needs to cite her own writings as a martyred example of the propaganda that the UN human rights commissioner praised the less partisan press for resisting. Hopefully this will be her last such tirade, though I seriously doubt it (my thoughts on the memorialization of the conference here and here).