More Bloggers React to the Roger L. Simon Post

Digby: “On the UN Foundation’s blog UN Dispatch, Peter Daou took issue with Roger Simon’s obsessing over the Oil For Food program, while never having a kind word to say about the good things the United Nations does around the world. The right blogosphere is incensed that he would dare to tell a blogger what he should blog about, and besides the oil for food scandal is, like, really really bad. Now call me crazy, but I seem to remember some wingnuts bleating every five minutes or so about how the news media is obsessing about all the “bad news” in Iraq to exclusion of the “good.” It’s been their mantra for the last two years as a matter of fact.”

Stirling Newberry: “A few days ago [Peter at UN Dispatch] took on Roger Simon, who has been making hay by being the wingnut world’s designated repeater on oil for food. Peter Daou caught him grinning at the camera about how many hits it was getting him.”

John Cole: “I don’t, however, buy into the notion that the UN is fatally flawed. It does do good work, and that should be acknowledged. I have a helluva lot of things I would like them to do, but that would require committments that no one in the world, tragically, appears willing to make. That was part of the reason I believe The UN Dispatch took on Roger Simon…. I have read Roger Simon for a long time, and I am fully convinced he is passionate about UN reform and deeply appalled by the Oil-for-Food scandal.”

Ambient Irony: “The UN Dispatch, a blog sponsored by – but in no way representing the opinion of – the United Nations Foundation, has developed an unhealthy fixation on Roger L. Simon.”