Netraisers speak out: Malaria Boot Camp


As part of the Nothing But Nets campaign, some “netraisers” are sharing their stories of getting informed and being involved. Here’s Benita’s story:

“The Malaria Boot Camp was a God-send for me. I have family in Senegal and have witnessed deaths due to malaria first hand. In the summer 2005, a friend took her newborn daughter to Senegal to show her off to the family. When she returned to the US, she felt weak and thought that she had a flu or something. After a few days, she went to our local hospital emergency room. They took blood and could not find anything, so they sent her home. She returned a second time, and was sent home again. After her third visit, the hospital had realized that she had deteriorated significantly, so they sent her blood work to a NYC hospital which helped them diagnose her malaria.” More

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