Netroots Nation: Iraq

Just sat through a panel hosted by Yglesias, Ackerman, Rossmiller, and Goldenberg — an impressive group of foreign policy bloggers without doubt. Unfortunately most of the conversation was focused on how Iraq is a failed endeavor and that our best strategy at this point is simply to get out. Clearly Netroots participants are more interested in the domestic political ramifications, but I would have been interested in hearing about what ways in which regional diplomacy might be employed to move the ball forward.

However, there are two points that were made that you might find interesting.

First, Goldenberg noted the severe strain that the refugee population is having on Syria and Jordan, which are both hosting a 10 percent increase in their population. It’s nice to see that this issue, which we have frequently posted on, is being thought about. It would be even better if it were coupled with vocal support for the UN’s efforts to take care of those populations.

Second, the point was made that a number of recent peace deals, not limited to the one in Lebanon were made without.the assistance of the U.S.