New Explosions in Nairobi: Al Shabaab Takes Their Fight to the Heart of Kenya

An unknown number of people have been killed and dozens injured in a second bombing in Nairobi, Kenya today.  In the first attack (which we mentioned in Top of the Morning) an assailant tossed a grenade into a bar injuring several people.  Now, word is percolating from Twitter and on newswires that a second bomb went off today.

Reuters reports that the bomb happened at a bus stop. @KenyaRedCross seems to indicate that the explosion happened at something called the Jack and Jill Supermarket. @EMS_Kenya is also tweeting its disaster response. It says they have transported 8 people to the hospital and one fatality.

Security concerns have been heightened in Kenya since a decision last week by the Kenyan military to launch a military campaign in Somalia against al Shabaab.  Kenya is home to hundreds of thousands of Somalia refugees, and as of late al Shabaab has embarked on a series of high profile kidnappings of foreigners — including two Spanish aid workers and a French tourist. Apparently fed up, the Kenyans have embarked on a new military campaign in Somalia that may or may not be supported by American air-power.

Al Shabaab has demonstrated an ability to attack international targets ever since it claimed credit for the bombing of a Kampala, Uganda nightclub where people had gathered to watch the World Cup in 2010.

More updates soon.

UPDATE: #OTCblast seems to be the emerging hashtag for the most up to date info about the bombing. OTC is the name of the bus stop near the Jack and Jill Market in Nairobi.