No Country for Young Girls.

BBC has been airing “No Country for Young Girls” this week, a UN-funded documentary on India’s preference for sons. Via UN News Center:


“No country for young girls” explores issues such as illegal sex determination and consequent elimination, and its consequences for vast Asian nation in the years to come. It portrays a young Indian woman who has to choose between staying with a husband who does not want girl children, or to make it on her own.

According to a series of studies commissioned by UNFPA last year, prenatal son selection in several Asian countries – including India, China and Viet Nam – is likely to have severe social consequences in coming years. The agency has been working to address the issue for many years.

This comes a few months after the Indian prime minister denounced the widespread practice of aborting female fetuses as a “national shame.” Check out the BBC World News website to find out when the film is airing in your area.