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PODCAST: How the The International Committee for the Red Cross Shapes World Affairs

The International Committee for the Red Cross/Red Crescent, otherwise known as the ICRC, is a singularly unique international organization. It was founded over 150 years ago to care for soldiers wounded in battle and has evolved substantially since then. Over the years, it has helped shape what is known today as International Humanitarian Law, which are the laws of war. This includes the Geneva Conventions in which the ICRC is specifically named.

Today, the ICRC works in conflict zones around the world providing on-the-ground medical relief and other services to protect the rights and welfare of civilians and combatants in conflict. It also conducts what my guest today, Hugo Slim, calls “humanitarian diplomacy” at the United Nations and in capitals around the world.

Slim is the policy director for ICRC and we discuss what humanitarian diplomacy entails, and we have a broader conversation about the work of the ICRC around the world, including the distinct role it plays in interesting international affairs.

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