PODCAST: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres discusses climate change in this special episode of the Global Dispatches podcast.

On Tuesday, September 17th Antonio Guterres sat down with Mark Hertsgaard of The Nation and Mark Phillips of CBS News for an interview conducted on behalf of Covering Climate Now. This is a global collaboration of over 250 news outlets, including the Global Dispatches Podcast and UN Dispatch, to strengthen coverage of the climate story. The interview with Antonio Guterres was conducted on behalf of all participating members of this coalition and I am glad to be able to present the podcast version of it to you.

If you are listening to this episode contemporaneously, I’d encourage you to check out the episode from earlier this week that gets into a little more detail about the UN Climate Action Summit; and later this week, I will have an episode that previews all the big stories that will drive the agenda around the UN Week in New York.

After the interview concludes, I offer some short commentary about my big takeaways. I’ve covered the UN for nearly 15 years and I think Antonio Guterres’ remarks in this interview for reasons I explain.


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