President Obama to chair non-proliferation meeting at the United Nations

Fresh from the office of Susan Rice:

On September 24th, the United States intends to convene a head of state-level meeting of the UN Security Council on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament during the U.S. Presidency of the Council.  The meeting will be chaired by President Obama.  The Security Council has an essential role in preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons and is also the world’s principal multilateral instrument for global security cooperation.  The session will be focused on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament broadly and not on any specific countries. Over the next several weeks, we will work closely with members of the Security Council to prepare for this important meeting.

UPDATE: Reader KP makes a good point that September 24 is also the first day of the G-20 in Pittsburgh.  Busy day for the president, it would seem!