Repudiate Oshry

A couple of weeks ago, many bloggers expressed concern that Ambassador John Bolton decided to sit down for an hour-long interview with Pamela Oshry, whose Atlas Shrugs blog is far outside the mainstream. In the past weeks, attention to Oshry has subsided. Her outrages have not.In a post titled “How much is that Dhimmi Doggie in the Window” a picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is photo-shopped to include a leashed dog at Khamenei’s feet. Superimposed on the dog’s head is Kofi Annan’s face.

For those not familiar with the term, a “dhimmi” is a person of the “dhimma,” which is a term in Islamic jurisprudence that refers to the rights afforded non-Muslims living in a territory ruled under Islamic law. In some circles, this has taken on a pejorative connotation and refers to an individual who is subservient to his or her Muslim masters. In the Pamela Oshry lexicon, this apparently includes the Ghanian Secretary General of the United Nations.

There is plenty of space for legitimate criticism of the United Nations and the Secretary General. Pamela Oshry’s ad hominem and racist attacks do not inhabit this space. Thinking liberals, conservatives, and anyone in between ought to disassociate themselves with Ms. Oshry and publicly repudiate her. The fact that she has been granted special access to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations should be an embarrassment to all.

Join us in repudiating Oshry’s post and advancing a more constructive debate about the United Nations.