Roger L. Simon: UN-Balanced Blogging

20% of Roger L. Simon’s blog entries during the month of April make reference to the Oil-for-Food controversy.

0% of Roger L. Simon’s blog entries during April make reference to the following UN-related issues:

Tackling the threat of transnational organized crime

Shipping supplies to millions of Iraqi schoolchildren

Controlling the Marburg virus

Building thousands of homes for tsunami victims

Partnering with the private sector to meet humanitarian needs

Reducing child mortality rates

Rehabilitating Iraq’s marshlands

Eradicating polio

Rebuilding lives in Afghanistan

Fighting the global malaria epidemic

Curbing the world’s most hazardous pollutants

Improving global disaster and emergency response

Building a sustainable future

Is Simon’s hyper-focus on a single UN-related issue based on deep convictions? Unbending principles? Moral outrage? Maybe. Then again, there’s his explanation:

Thanks to the Secretary General of the United Nations for providing this blog with its first 50,000+ visitor day.” – Roger L. Simon