Security Council Makes Yemen’s President an Offer He Can’t Refuse

The Security Council is laying out a pretty sweet deal for President Saleh:

The U.N. Security Council called Friday for Yemen’s president to immediately accept a deal to transfer power to his deputy and end escalating violence in the strategically located Middle East nation.

The council unanimously adopted a resolution expressing serious concern at the worsening security and deteriorating economic and humanitarian situation in Yemen “due to the lack of progress on a political settlement and the potential for the further escalation of violence.”

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has so far balked at a U.S.-backed plan proposed by Saudi Arabia and its five smaller allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council to hand over power to his deputy and step down in exchange for immunity. He is accused by many Yemenis of pushing the country toward civil war by clinging to power despite massive protests, the defection to the opposition of key tribal and military allies, and mounting international pressure to step down.

Seems to me that Saleh would be wise to take up this offer.  His deputy gets to stay in power and he gets to live the rest of his life in palace in Saudi Arabia or wherever.  On the other hand if he sticks around chances are hill end up like this guy or,  you know who.