SG; Afghanistan; Middle East

SG: After meeting with a Haitian family affected by cholera, the SG expressed the UN’s commitment to ending the epidemic through projects such as the “Total Sanitation Campaign” launched yesterday to scale up sanitation and hygiene in rural areas.

Afghanistan: The SG condemned today’s two attacks in Kabul and Paktika. The Taliban denied involvement in the suicide attack in Paktika killing 43 civilians, but claimed responsibility for the attack in Kabul killing two people on a shuttle bus. UNAMA called on the Taliban to cease attacks on civilians.

Middle East: Referencing Egypt’s proposed ceasefire for Israel and Gaza, the SG called on Hamas to follow Israel’s willingness to accept the proposal and cooperate with the Egyptian initiative.

Syria: UN agencies and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent reached Madamiyet Elsham in Rural Damascus for the first time in two years. Food, household items and hygiene supplies reached 5,000 people on the first of four days of deliveries and is expected to reach 20,000.

Yemen: WFP reported that more than 40% of Yemen’s population remains acutely malnourished despite food security improvements in some regions of the country.

West Africa: WHO reported that nearly 1,000 cases of Ebola have been reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. A new Sub-Regional Coordination Centre is being set-up to help coordinate response efforts in the three countries.

Philippines: OCHA warned that Typhoon Rammasum is expected to reach the Philippines this evening. Flooding and landslides could affect 43 million people in the capital by noon tomorrow.

Peacekeeping: The SG expressed his gratitude for Ameerah Haq following her announcement to step down as the USG for Field Support.