SG back from Cancun, briefs GA on COP16, Haiti & Cote d’Ivoire, DSG en route to Zambia and more from UN Direct

SG: this afternoon the SG met with the GA to discuss COP16, in addition to timely issues such as the Côte d’Ivoire elections and Haiti.  Over the weekend, the SG issued a statement upon COP16’s conclusion, which he said “delivered important success for a world much in need of it”, reaching agreement on formalizing mitigation pledges (including enhanced accountability/and transparency), action on deforestation, establishing a fund for long-term financing to support developing countries and enhancing technology cooperation, among other measures.

Côte d’Ivoire: UNOCI is continuing to provide security around the Golf Hotel, in accordance with their mandate to protect Alassane Ouatarra’s administration.  The Mission also announced today that it has set up a human rights committee to examine obstacles to the peace process in the country, pursuant to  Security Council Res 1946.

DSG: today the DSG is on her way to Zambia, where she will attend a summit on the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Region on the 15th.  While in Zambia, she will also meet with senior government officials as well as a project being carried out by the UN Country Team.  She will also travel to Guinea, to attend the President-elect’s inauguration on the 21st, and is expected to be back in NY on the 23rd.

UNDP: tomorrow UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors Ronaldo and Zidane will be featured in the 8th annual Match Against Poverty, the proceeds of which will go to support the people of Haiti and Pakistan.

Malaria: tomorrow at 9:30am Margaret Chan and Ray Chambers will launch WHO’s 2010 World Malaria Report.