SG; Ukraine; Middle East

SG: The SG arrived in Cairo today where he will meet with the Foreign Minister, President el-Sisi and US Secretary of State Kerry to promote the Egypt-initiated ceasefire in the Middle East. Spokesman Dujarric told reporters today that “the overriding messages that [the SG] brings is, first, that the violence must stop, and needs to stop now.” Over the weekend, the SG held meetings in Doha and Kuwait City. While in Doha, he met with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. The SG is expected back in NY by the end of the week.

Ukraine: The SC unanimously adopted a resolution to condemn the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Ukraine and to ensure that armed groups provide safe access to the crash site for an independent international investigation. During the SC’s meeting today, US Ambassador Power condemned the actions of the separatists and called on Russia to use their leverage with the separatists to lay down their arms and leave the site to international experts—“if Russia is not part of the solution, it will continue to be part of the problem.”

Middle East: OCHA reported 60 Palestinian casualties this weekend, making it the deadliest period since the recent escalation of conflict. More than 100,000 people remain displaced and 84,000 reside in UNRWA schools. Humanitarian agencies continue to provide necessary supplies as WFP and UNRWA delivered emergency assistance to 50,000 people in the last 24 hours. The SG continues to call for an immediate ceasefire.

Iraq: The SG condemned the persecution of minority communities in Iraq by the Islamic State and associated armed groups which forced tens of thousands of ethnic and religious minority groups to seek refuge. The SRSG for Iraq restated the UN’s commitment to meet the needs of those displaced.

South Sudan: The SG expressed concern regarding today’s attack by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition forces on Nassir. He called on all parties to the conflict to stop the violence and seek peaceful resolution.

Iran: In accordance with Iran’s deal with the P5+1 (Germany) to curb its nuclear energy program, the IAEA reported that Iran destroyed its enriched uranium stockpile. The deal was set to expire Sunday, but the six world powers and Iran agreed to extend talks until November in the hopes of further containing Iran’s nuclear program.

Peacekeeping: The USG for Peacekeeping Operations will visit Nepal, Bangladesh, and India this week to thank the countries for their contributions to UN Peacekeeping Missions around the world.