Susan Rice is from Bizarro World

Or so envisions the Los Angeles Times editorial board in a clever — if geeky — scenario:

If former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton went to Bizarro World, his counterpart there would be Susan Rice. Inhabitants of DC Comics’ fictional planet are the polar opposites of their earthly doubles, and it’s hard to imagine anyone who would represent a clearer break with the Bush administration’s foreign policy strategies than Rice, whose selection as U.N. ambassador was announced Monday by President-elect Barack Obama.

Rice is a liberal multilateralist, and Bolton, who spent a tumultuous year at the U.N. before resigning when it became clear that he wouldn’t be confirmed by the Senate in 2006, is a conservative unilateralist. She would be warmly welcomed in New York if confirmed, and would be in a strong position to rebuild the bridges burned by Bolton, which current Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad has had a tough time doing, given that he represents a deeply discredited, lame-duck administration.

Fortunately, Turtle Bay is not that bizarre.

And for those uninitiated into the contours of Bizarro World, Jerry Seinfeld explains: