Image credit: NATO/Instagram

The NATO Summit in Vilnius and What Comes Next for the Alliance

NATO held a Major summit in Vilnius, Lithuania on July 11th and 12th. Top on the agenda was Ukraine’s potential future NATO membership. Another key issue on the agenda was Sweden. Last year, both Sweden and Finland asked to join NATO. Finland is in, but Turkey had been blocking Sweden’s membership. That abruptly changed in Vilnius, paving the way for all Nordic countries to become NATO members.

Joining me to discuss what happened at this meeting, and what the Vilnius summit suggests about the future of NATO is Jim Goldgeier a professor of International Relations at American University and a longtime scholar of NATO and transatlantic affairs. We kick off discussing the debate around Ukraine’s potential membership before discussing many of the other issues on the agenda in Lithuania, and what meeting means for NATOs future and the war in Ukraine.

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