The *New* UN Dispatch

Over the past few months, the editors of UN Dispatch have been taking a hard look at the experience that you have visiting our site. Today we’re proud to launch a new site designed to deliver our content to you quicker and better. What’s new:

  • Streamlining our content – Our main content is now arranged in this box — featured post on the left, quick teasers for three others on the right. Surrounding the box are filters designed to deliver the content you’re looking for quickly. Also note our top navigation boxes for posts on Security, Health, Climate, Women, Development and Rights. 
  • Email alerts and Morning Coffee – Sign up for our new periodic updates and our daily global issues news brief. 
  • Diplotweets – Curated tweets from diplomatic twitter feeds
  • The Forum – An easy and immediate way for you to debate points made in our posts.
  • UN Direct – Pure, unadulterated news and opinion about the United Nations

Poke it, prod it, and tell us what you think.