This is what international justice looks like

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, in the doc. 

A few things to keep in mind:

1) Though the trial is taking place in the Hague, it is being conducted through the auspices of the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone, which is a “Hybrid Court” that includes jurists from Sierra Leone and the international community. The court is seated in Freetown Sierra Leone, but Taylor’s trial was moved to the Hague for security reasons. They are using rented facilities from the ICC.

2) Taylor is not being charged with any crimes that he is alleged to have committed in Liberia. This trial is about his support for militias in neighboring Sierra Leone.

3) Taylor is the second head of state to be tried for war crimes. Milosevic was the first…and Sudan’s Omar al Bashir may very well be next.

4) Will details of Taylor’s 1985 prison-break in Plymouth, Massachusetts emerge?