Tim Wirth: #1 Goal of Natural Gas Industry Should be to Support the EPA

UN Foundation President (disclosure) and former Colorado Senator Timothy Wirth will address the annual conference of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association at approximately 11a.m. MDT today. The theme of the conference is the “Global Dawn of the Unconventional Natural Gas Age.” Sen. Wirth, a longtime advocate of natural gas, urges the industry to take the gloves off in its lobbying effort against far dirtier forms of energy, namely the coal industry.

“Unless you help to shape policy, your future will be shaped by others – mainly your competition. The coal industry has been fiercely effective with Congress and regulatory authorities in defending its turf, and you have to be as well. But so far your industry has mostly run nice, positive, feel-good advertising, rather than conducting the persistent, aggressive campaign that will be needed for this transition.”

“After all, it’s not that the voters love coal – it’s that they love the jobs and the economic benefits that come with it – and natural gas can do better.”

“Just as the old interests have a huge amount to lose, the gas industry has a huge amount to gain. It is in your interest – perhaps even your #1 priority – to defend EPA’s authority. This is a battle that gas must win.”

Here are his full remarks:



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