Top of the Morning: Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Falter

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Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Pretty Much Kaput…The Israeli government says it is pulling out of the John Kerry-backed peace talks over the Palestinian authority’s political reconciliation with Hamas. It was already going poorly…The talks have been on life support since earlier this month when Israel refused to release a batch of prisoners as promised and the Palestinians opted to join 15 international treaties, against American and Israeli wishes. A deadline loomed…Nine months ago, Kerry set an April 29 deadline to complete the talks on final status, and the USA has been scrambling to find ways to extend the talks. Israel’s decision to formally suspend its participation seems to be the final nail in the coffin.  Deeper Dive: New York Times

Humanitarian agencies are scrambling to provide services to thousands of new arrivals at the United Nations base in Bentiu, South Sudan where the number of people seeking refuge has risen more than six-fold since opposition forces overran the town 10 days ago. (VOA

A convoy of barges carrying food aid and fuel came under attack from unknown assailants as it traveled up the Nile River in South Sudan. (UN

Malian authorities have changed the indictment against former military coup leader General Amadou Sanogo to a more serious charge of conspiracy to murder which carries the death penalty. (VOA