Top of the Morning: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome on the Rise

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MERS Just Got More Intense…The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus, otherwise known as MERS, is a flu-like illness that kills about one third of all people sickened by it. It was first identified 2 years ago and has so far killed over 100 people, the vast majority of whom were in Saudi Arabia…New Outbreak...Saudi Arabia announced over the weekend that there were 26 new cases, mostly in Jeddah and Riyadh. To make matters worse…Egypt has confirmed its first case of MERS, from a man who travelled to Saudi recently. Could this be another SARS-like outbreak? Possibly, but since the 2005 SARS outbreak the international community has gotten much better at responding to infectious disease outbreaks. Deeper Dive: Reuters

Always interesting…Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of engaging in “damage control” by denouncing the Holocaust after agreeing to unite with the Hamas militant group that seeks Israel’s destruction. (Bloomberg