Top of the Morning: 2011 Somalia Famine Claimed 260,000 Lives

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New Data Quantifies The Deadly Toll of 2011 Somalia Famine

Unacceptable, and perfectly avoidable but donor government policies interfered with an effective response. “The 2011 famine in Somalia, which the famine early warning systems network (Fewsnet) and the food security nutrition and analysis unit (FSNAU) estimate in a report published on Thursday to have killed almost 260,000 people, was avoidable…these warnings fell on deaf ears. Donor governments failed to increase aid, and humanitarian agencies failed to increase their appeals. Only when famine was declared did the humanitarian system mobilise, by when the opportunity to avert disaster had passed.” (Guardian

SARS-Like Virus Claims Five More Lives in Saudi Arabia

The SARS-like ‘novel coronavirus’ is seriously alarming health officials. Saudi Arabia has been the worst affected, but infections have been confirmed elsewhere. “Sixteen people have now died from 23 cases detected in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Germany and Britain. Riyadh has accounted for most of the deaths, with 11 people including the five new fatalities. Coronaviruses cause most common colds and pneumonia, but are also to blame for unusual conditions such as SARS which killed more than 800 people when it swept out of China in 2003.” (Daily Star