Top of the Morning: Blasts in Mogadishu; Venezuela Elections

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Coordinated Suicide Blasts in Mogadishu Kill Dozens

At least 29 people have been killed in attacks claimed by al Shabaab. This is the first major attack in Mogadishu in some time. Two of those killed were lawyers representing a journalist who was prosecuted for writing a story about a woman who was raped by government soldiers.The case garnered international attention. “A series of suicide and bomb attacks has ripped through Mogadishu, two of them hitting a court complex and another striking a target near the Somalia capital’s international airport.” (Telegraph

UN Warns it is Running Out of Money for Syrian Food Aid

The World Food Programme needs $81 million to assist 2.5 million hungry people inside Syria and one million refugees in neighbouring countries until June. Without funding it would have to stop many of its current aid programs. ”In Lebanon, WFP would have to stop providing food vouchers to some 400,000 Syrian refugees. In Jordan, funds for the voucher programme are only sufficient until mid-May, and Ms. Byrs said that the agency would have to reduce the vouchers’ value, which would impact around 175,000 Syrian refugees living with the Jordanian community.” (UN News Centre

Chavez Successor Wins Venezuelan Presidency

The man handpicked by Hugo Chavez to lead Venezuela won in a tight race. Nicholas Maduro carried 50.7% of the vote, beating out his opponent Henrique Capriles who took 49.1% of the vote. “Mr Capriles has demanded a recount, saying Mr Maduro was now “even more loaded with illegitimacy”. He said there were more than 300,000 incidents from Sunday’s poll that would need to be examined…Mr Maduro said he had spoken to Mr Capriles on the phone, and that he would allow an audit of the election result.” (BBC