Top of the Morning: DRC Peace Accord Signed; Afghan Evicts USA from Key Province

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UN-Backed DRC Peace Deal Signed

A framework agreement, signed by DRC’s key neighbors, has been formalized in a signing ceremony in Addis. “The new effort calls for greater cooperation among Congo’s neighbors — several of which are suspected of sponsoring violence inside Congo — and political changes by the Congolese government. United Nations and African officials are also proposing a new beefed-up “peace enforcement” brigade of about 2,000 soldiers to go after rebel groups in Congo. “We can only put an end to recurring cycles of violence through an innovative approach,” said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon of the United Nations, who witnessed the signing of the peace framework in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Sunday.” (NYT

Afghanistan Gives US Forces 2 Weeks Notice in Key Province

Allegations of torture have lead to the Afghan government to evict US forces from Wardak. “Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday ordered U.S. special forces troops to cease operations in a strategic eastern province, accusing the Americans and Afghans working for them of torturing and abducting civilians. Karzai’s office charged that a university student who was detained during a U.S. operation in Wardak province, southwest of Kabul, was later found with his head and fingers cut off. In another case, U.S. forces are accused of detaining nine villagers, who are still missing.” (LAT