Top of the Morning: Fighting Rocks Algeria-Mali Border

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Fighting Rocks Mali-Algeria Border

Eight people have been killed in recent clashes. “The bloodshed in Bordj Badji Mokhtar stoked fears of a spillover of violence from neighbouring Mali, where a longstanding [Tuareg] rebellion was overtaken by jihadists, prompting French-led international intervention earlier this year.The French-language Al Watan newspaper said that rival Arab and [Tuareg] militia had been involved in the fighting rocking the small garrison town in Algeria’s far-flung desert south.” (GulfNews

Indian Rupee in Free Fall

India is facing a serious cash flow crisis. “With the country’s stock market tumbling,the rupee fell further Tuesday. It is down about 15 percent against the U.S. dollar since May — from more than 53 rupees to the dollar to more than 63. The currency has become a powerful metaphor for India’s rapidly sliding economy. The rupee has triggered countless jokes and political mudslinging, and like everything in India, it has generated astrological speculation, too.” (WaPo