Top of the Morning: ICC Issues Warrant for Cote D’Ivoire Suspect

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ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Côte d’Ivoire Suspect

3,000 people are believed to have been killed in post election violence. “The International Criminal Court on Tuesday unsealed an arrest warrant for a top aide of the Ivory Coast’s former president, accusing him of committing crimes against humanity as commander of youth militias that took part in 2010 post-election violence. The court’s revelation that it has quietly been seeking to arrest 40-year-old Charles Ble Goude since 2011 for alleged murder, rape, persecution and other inhuman acts sets up the prospect of a jurisdictional fight with his home country. Ble Goude is in custody in Ivory Coast, and authorities there have indicated they intend to try him at home.” (ABC

Survey: Economic Growth in Africa Not Helping the Poor

The excellent AfroBarometer survey is out with its most recent results: “‘Meeting their basic daily needs remains a major challenge for a majority of Africans, even at a time when their countries are reporting impressive economic gains,’ the survey found, citing data retrieved from the citizens of 16 African countries over the past 10 years. In a second part of the study, the report surveyed the opinions of more than 50,000 citizens of 34 countries across the continent between 2011-2013 and concluded that ‘lived’ poverty remains ‘pervasive across the continent’. The continent’s economy is expected to grow by almost five percent this year, but half of survey respondents said they occasionally lacked food, clean water, and medicine. One in five said they face frequent shortages.” (Al Jazeera

Omar Bashir Responds to #SudanRevolts Protests

Scores of people were killed in a crackdown on people protesting conditions in Sudan, galvanized by a hike in fuel prices and other issues. Now, the President Bashir has responded for the first time.“‘The latest economic measures aim at preventing the collapse of the economy following the increase in inflation and instability in the exchange rate’ the official SUNA news agency quoted him as saying on Tuesday. Bashir also spoke of ‘conspiracies being planted by the saboteurs against our country’. On September 23, the government cut petrol subsidies, driving up pump prices by more than 60 percent and prompting protests in the capital Khartoum and its surrounding areas.” (Al Jazeera