Top of the Morning: Peace Talks May Resume in DR Congo

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Peace Talks May Resume in DR Congo

Some cautious optimism is in order. “Rebels from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s M23 movement said Thursday they will resume peace talks with the government of the violence-hit country, agreeing to a demand from leaders of Africa’s Great Lakes region. Talks between the two sides were suspended in May, and the agreement to reopen them follows a recent upsurge in violence in the country, where Congolese troops backed by a special United Nations force launched a fresh assault against the rebels late last month.” (AFP

Prospects for US Congress Approving Syria Strike? Dim

It’s by no means a done deal, but the chances that the US House of Representatives will approve Syria intervention are rather low. “Democrats are torn between their fear of crippling a Democratic president with a ‘no’ vote and their anxiety that they might be repeating the mistakes of recent history in the Middle East and Afghanistan. For Republicans, the debate over striking Syria has reopened a long-standing schism between the GOP’s internationalist and non-interventionist wings at a moment when the party is struggling to reinvent itself.” (WaPo