Top of the Morning: Security Council Drafting Resolution on Sudans Conflict; Nigerian Newspaper Attacks

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Security Council Drafting Resolution on Sudans Conflict

Chapter VII will probably be invoked, meaning that the resolution would be legally binding and enforceable by sanctions or, potentially, even military intervention. “The United States said on Thursday it has drafted a U.N. Security Council resolution aimed at making legally binding an African Union demand that Sudan and South Sudan stop border clashes, resume talks and resolve their many disputes… The AU’s Peace and Security Council on Tuesday urged both sides to cease hostilities within 48 hours, an “unconditional” withdrawal of troops from disputed areas, and warned it would issue its own binding rulings if they fail to strike deals on a string of disputes within three months. ‘The intention of the text was to provide swift and substantive support to the decisions of the African Union in the form that the African Union requested,’ [Susan] Rice, president of the 15 nation Security Council for April, told reporters.” (Reuters

7 Killed in Coordinated Suicide Attack on Nigerian Newspaper Offices

Boko Haram is now targeting the 4th Estate. “A suicide bomber and a man armed with explosives attacked two Nigerian newspaper offices on Thursday, killing seven people and wounding at least 26. The radical Islamic sect Boko Haram claimed responsibility…In Abuja, the suicide bomber rammed his car through the gates of the ThisDay office and drove into the reception area before the explosion, said Nwakpa O. Nwakpa, a spokesman for the Nigerian Red Cross. The blast killed at least three people and wounded others, Nwakpa said. Soldiers and police officers quickly surrounded the building, which had part of its roof torn away and all its windows blown out by the force of the explosion. The blast focused on the end of the building with the newspaper’s printing press, while the newsroom sat far away from the blast. However, the force of the explosion overturned tables and scattered debris through the journalists’ workroom. The attack in Kaduna also included a car loaded with explosives at an office building ThisDay shares with The Moment and The Daily Sun newspapers. “ (AP