Top of the Morning: Syria Intervention Watch

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Syria Intervention Watch: John Kerry Gets Forceful

Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks to the media augur heavily that the US will participate in a military strike. “In some of the most strident language used yet by the administration, Mr. Kerry accused the Syrian government of cynically seeking to cover up the use of the weapons, and he rejected its denial of responsibility for what he called a ‘cowardly crime.’ Mr. Kerry’s remarks…suggested that the White House was moving closer to a military response in consultation with America’s allies.” (NYT

Landslides Kill 13 in Mexico

A deadly storm. “Thirteen people, including children, are dead after torrential rain caused by tropical depression Fernand triggered landslides in the eastern state of Veracruz. State Governor Javier Duarte said Monday nine people were killed in the town of Yecuatla, three in Tuxpan and one in Atzalan…’All of (the deaths) were caused by landslides in the hills above their homes,’ Duarte said told reporters. Weather forecasters expect Fernand, which was downgraded from a tropical storm before it made landfall early Monday, could dump 4-8 inches of rain over several states as it moved inland.” (GlobalPost